The Peacock Isn’t Just NBC’s Logo and Streaming Service, It’s Also the Boss


Over the past four decades, NBC has gifted its viewers with some of TV’s most iconic comedy shows. They have gifted viewers with shows like Cheers, Friends, Seinfeld, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night and Live and most recently The Good Place and Superstore. These shows have been responsible for years of laughter and have been inducted into the comedy hall of fame.

The Peacock Isn’t Just NBC’s Logo and Streaming Service, It’s Also the Boss

All these shows are still relevant now with the younger consumers still in love with the shows. Unfortunately for NBC, the younger consumers may have only watched the shows on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. As a result, they don’t necessarily associate the brand with great comedy shows.  Well, they are trying to change that with their latest campaign called “Comedy Starts Here”.

About NBC’s “Comedy Starts Here”

The “Comedy Starts Here” campaign is created by creative agency Erich & Kallman. This campaign is aimed at reminding viewers that these well-loved shows first aired on NBC. For this campaign, the network is putting an emphasis on its networks iconic peacock. The peacock acts as the networks logo and name for its upcoming streaming service. This campaign was launched to strategically to help build hype for the launch of its streaming service Peacock.  The campaign sees the release of some ads reminding viewers that Comedy starts at NBC.

We see the networks star-studded lineup talk about how the Network is responsible for some of the most iconic comedy shows. In one of the ads, the peacock is brought to life and is the centre of the spot. The ad is called “The Peacock Knows Comedy”

About “The Peacock Knows Comedy”

The ad packs in some of the networks celebrity line up. Celebrities like Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Andy Samberg and even Ted Danson, whose career has been bookended by starring roles on NBC’s Cheers in the 1980s and The Good Place are featured. We see the stars take orders from their boss who is the blue, comedic genius peacock. They all talk about how their boss (the peacock) has helped with their shows.

The ad will air on all NBC properties, with different versions to span over terrestrial and digital.


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