The Not Big Macs Menu: Burger King Trolls McDonald Yet Again


Burger King decided to add some salt to McDonald wounds by creating a new sandwich menu titled “The Not Big Macs” Menu. McDonald recently lost a trademark case in the EU, the trademark battle involved the McDonald’s, Big Mac. McDonald’s case was against an Irish fast food chain Supermacs. McDonald lost the case after EU’s Intellectual Property Office determined that McDonald had not proven genuine use of the phrase “Big Mac” over 5 years leading to the Supermac’s filing. Burger King couldn’t miss the opportunity to troll McDonalds for their loss. The Swedish branch of Burger King decided to create The Not Big Mac Menu just to troll their rival after their loss.

The Not Big Macs Menu: Burger King Trolls McDonald Yet Again

About the Not Big Macs Menu Stunt

Burger King with the help of a Stockholm-based agency Ingo created the Not Big Macs Menu at a local Burger King location. They then released a video showing customers ordering from the unusual menu. Some of the items on the Not Big Macs Menu include:

• The Like a Big Mac, But Actually Big

• The Kind of Like a Big Mac, But Juicier and Tastier

• The Burger Big Mac Wished It Was

• The Anything but a Big Mac

• The Big Mac-ish But Flame Grilled of Course

Speaking about the Stunt, Burger King’s Sweden CEO Iwo Zakowski explained that they couldn’t resist trolling McDonald for losing and suing a much smaller player

Video of Burger King Stunt

Burger King Trolling McDonald in the Past

This the Big Macs Menu Stunt won’t be the first time Burger King will troll the rival food chain. Some might say that trolling McDonald is a hobby for Burger King. Just recently Burger King offered Whoppers for one penny to customers who ordered the meal from the vicinity of a McDonald as long as they use their mobile apps. They have also sold the Double Quarter Pound King Sandwich in direct competition with McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder. It just seems that the food chain enjoys trolling its rival. We wonder if McDonald will respond and how they will respond.

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