The New Uber Safety Ad Emulates Flight Safety Videos to Dispel Risk Concerns


Uber the global ride-hailing app recently released a new safety ad in the Uk. The Uber safety ad was created to show the many precautions the ride-hailing app takes to ensure the safety of their customers. The new Uber safety ad mirrors flight safety videos.  The new Uber Safety ad is titled ‘Safety Never Stops’ and was created by 72andSunny Amsterdam. According to Uber, the ad was created to communicate the host of pioneering and innovative safety features developed by the brand. The release of the ad comes after concerns emerged in the US after a student entered the wrong car and was murdered by the driver.

The New Uber Safety Ad Emulates Flight Safety Videos to Dispel Risk Concerns

The Recent Tragedy

A lot of safety and risk concerns have been raised by many Uber Customers after a recent murder that happened in the US. About a week ago, a US student name Samantha Josephson was murdered. She ordered an Uber at 2 am and accidentally entered the wrong car. Samantha was then murdered by the driver and dumped in a field 90 miles from the pick-up point. The driver who is named Nathaniel David Rowland has since been arrested for kidnapping and murder.

Uber has declined to comment about the tragedy that happened. When asked to comment about it, the ride-hailing app referred CNN to its safety tips. The safety tips encourage passengers to check their driver’s photo and license places with the app before they get into the car. Reports say the new Uber safety ad was created to echo and stress their safety tips.

About the New Uber Safety Ad

The ad mirrors standard flight safety briefing videos. Through the ad, Uber urges passengers to always keep their mobile phones on at all times during a ride. This will help them keep track of the rides, they also encouraged passengers to share their live locations with their loved ones. This will help their loved ones also track their rides. The ad also talks about the background checks Uber drivers go through. It talks about the features that limit the drivers from clocking in too much overtime. Uber also talked about its emergency service quick-dial feature.

Video of Safety Never Stops Uber

Uber Speaks about the Safety Ad

Patrick Stal, Uber’s EMEA head of marketing spoke about the campaign. He stated that the ad had to walk the line of tackling a serious issue with humour. He spoke about how the brand put safety at the heart of everything they do. Stal spoke about all the important steps they took to make the apps safer. He stated that the campaign was created to drive up awareness levels about the safety features.


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