The Launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Phone has been Delayed


According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold phone’s launch has been delayed. According to the recent reports, the launch has been delayed to until at least next month. The Galaxy fold phone is supposed to be the first ever foldable smartphone and a major game changer for the Korean company. According to predictions, the Galaxy fold phone is supposed to help the brand edge over Apple Inc. The Korean company predicts that the will produce at least a million foldable phones this year which is a fraction off the brand’s overall shipment in 2018. Many predict that the Galaxy fold phone will rejuvenate a flagging market for the brand while showcasing the brand’s expertise.

The Launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Phone has been Delayed

Why Samsung is Delaying the Launch of its Galaxy Fold Phone

According to reports, when the foldable phone was hit by early reviews, many reviews highlighted several problems with the test versions of the phone. Some of the problems highlighted stemmed from problems with the hinged display. Some of the reviewers reportedly ripped off parts of the phones display unknowingly. Most of the reviewers reportedly mistook the part ripped off for a protective cover.

This delay in the launch of the foldable phone will be another setback for the company. They just recently started to recover from previous issues with their Galaxy Note 7. In 2016, many consumers complained that their Galaxy Note 7 batteries were bursting into flames. This caused the brand to recall the device and issue out various apologies. The new launch for the device is yet to be announced and Samsung has declined to comment about the whole issue surrounding their foldable phones.

About the Galaxy Fold Phone

The device is a 4.6-inch front display with a folding 7.3-inch tablet-size Infinity Flex display. The screen is so big that it allows for three-app multitasking. The phone also has app continuity which allows you to instantly pick up where you left off when switching between screens. The device is the best of both worlds, it fills the role of a phone and tablet. It has 6 cameras, 3 at the back, 2 on the inside and one in front. The phone also supports 5G optionally.


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