The Highwaymen: Netflix to Host Bonnie and Clyde Immersive Activation Event to Promote Its New Film


Ad Week recently reported that Netflix will be hosting a big immersive activation event for The Highwaymen film. The Highwaymen immersive activation event is said to be Netflix’s biggest immersive event to date. The event was created to help promote Netflix’s new film The Highwaymen. It tells the story about the Texas Rangers who caught Bonnie and Clyde. The highwaymen star Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson. It was directed by John Lee Hancock and will premiere at the SXSW festival on March 10th. The Highwaymen will be available on Netflix on March 29th.

The Highwaymen: Netflix to Host Bonnie and Clyde Immersive Activation Event to Promote Its New Film

About the Highwaymen Immersive Activation Event

The event will be held at Austin’s Banger’s Basement at 81.5 Rainey Street on the 10th of March. It will feature actors who will be in character. Attendees of the event can expect to get a period appropriate name and an RFID bracelet. The RFID will unlock experience within the Highwaymen immersive activation space. Inside the event, attendees will be given the opportunity to take a photo with a wanted sign.

They will also get the opportunity to gamble and play games which will enable them to earn points. With the points, attendees can redeem premium and custom swag at the General store. Custom swag will include denim jackets, hats, flasks, pins, patches, bandanas and watches. The more activities and points attendees participate in and earn increase the amount of swag they can walk away with. At the Highwaymen Immersive activation event, attendees can also expect to see musical acts. The musical acts will play each night at the event venue. Netflix is yet to reveal who these musical acts will be.

Other Promotions Associated with the Highwaymen Film

Apart from the immersive activation, Netflix also plans to promote the movie through other partnerships. Netflix will be partnering with Bunkhouse Hospitality Group. Guests of Hotel Saint Cecilia and Hotel San Jose will be given the opportunity to sample and enjoy custom cocktails. The guests of thes wonderful establishments will also be given the opportunity to go to the activation event in a vintage car.

If you are a SXSW festival goer and you wish to attend this wonderful event. Please click here to RSVP.


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