The Epica Awards Announces New Website and Ad Campaign


The Epica Awards recently has announced a new advertising campaign. Epica’s new advertising campaign comes from Hecho Studios Amsterdam. Apart from the campaign, the Epica Awards also announced that it will be launching a brand new website. Their new website was designed by Lithuanian studio and former Epica winners Godspeed Branding.

The Epica Awards Announces New Website and Ad Campaign

About The Epica Awards New Ad Campaign

With the new campaign, The Epica Awards has clearly highlighted its unique positioning in the awards landscape. Hecho Studio Amsterdam’s new ad campaign wittily reminds potential entrants that it’s time to leave the “self-love” to other awards.  Hecho Studios got photographer André Bakker and body paint artist Ton Nizet to work on the campaign. They worked together to create striking images that shed light on the status quo of creative awards and Epica’s uniqueness.

Gregg Clamffer the executive creative director at Hecho Studios Amsterdam spoke on the new campaign. He first talked about how the agency appreciates the aesthetic and unique perspective Epica brings to judging creative work. The agency wanted to elevate this and they decided to convey a bold and visually striking message inspired on op art. Clamffer explained that by getting André and Ton involved in the campaign. They were able to create an eye-catching visual that illustrates self-affirmation with a dash of sex-appeal.

The Epica Awards New website

Tomas Ramanauskas, co-founder of Godspeed Branding spoke on the new website design. He stated that they got to epic for Epica. They focused on the brand assets which are the striking award, a glass pyramid. The award became the focal point of the website, a spinning object of fetish.  He talked about how they took Epica’s main brand colour and made it rule their web look.

Dovydas Stonkus, head of design, Godspeed Branding also spoke about the new website. He talked about how they worked hard for practical things. These things are refreshed UX, fewer pages, responsive design, and quicker access to information. He talked about how the design team used animation to make browsing a smooth, seamless experience. He also talked about the creative process which was exceptionally smooth.


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