The Coca Cola Polar Bear: Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with a New Christmas Ad


This year the Coca Cola polar bear turns 25 years old and it celebrates its anniversary by staring in Coca Cola’s new Christmas ad. The ad is titled “Christmas Rules” and it stars the Coca Cola Polar bear and its family.

The Coca Cola Polar Bear: Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with a New Christmas Ad
Source: The Coca Cola Company

About the Coca Cola Polar Bear

The Coca Cola polar bear was invented by the creative strategist Ken Stewart, he was inspired by his pet Labrador Morgan who he said reminded him of a polar bear. The polar bear was first launched in 1993, in an ad called the Northern Lights ad. The Northern Lights ad which debuted the polar bear is considered one of the Coke’s top ads of all time.

What is the Coca Cola Christmas Rules Ad All About?

The Coca Cola Christmas Rules ad is a 45 second TV ad, it was created by the agency David Sao Paulo. In the ad, the Coca Cola polar bear and his family is shown to be preparing their home for Christmas. The Christmas Rules show the polar bears hard at work as they prepare for Christmas, they are seen performing a series of tasks to make their home ready for Christmas. The tasks range from preparing the meal to decorating the Christmas tree.

Throughout the video, different Christmas Rules are shared. The rules are: if you need help, ask; keep traditions alive; connect with loved ones far away, and always have room for one more guest. At the end of the ad, a neighbouring family which happens to be a penguin family joins the Coca Cola Polar bear family. Throughout the ad, a cover of “Home” by Phillip Phillips plays as the soundtrack to Christmas Rules ad.

It is a fantastic ad that fosters the spirit of family and togetherness. The ad embodies the importance of families sharing moments together and keeping traditions alive. The ad is a great way to celebrate the Coca Cola Polar bear turning 25.

The Coca Cola Polar Bear: Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with a New Christmas Ad

Why does the Christmas Rules Ad Seem Familiar?

After watching the ad, it might seem very familiar to another Coca cola ad called the Household Rules. The ads are so similar because the Christmas rules campaign is a follow-up campaign to the Household Rules campaign. In a statement about the ad, Rafael Donato the creative vice president at David Sao Paulo said that the Christmas Rules campaign is a followup campaign to Household Rules.

The Household Rules campaign was also created by David Sao Paulo, it was launched last summer. Like the Christmas Rules campaign, the ad was set to a cover of home by Phillip Phillips. The ad shared rules like Always keep promises, share, listen and dry a loved one’s tears. The ad was met with a lot of positive reviews.


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