The Champions of Science Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0: Johnson & Johnson launches Its Innovation Challenge


Johnson & Johnson has recently announced the second edition of the Champions of Science Africa innovation Challenge 2.0. The Africa Innovation Challenge seeks to drive entrepreneurship and help advance promising health care solutions.

The Champions of Science Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0: Johnson & Johnson launches Its Innovation Challenge
Source: Opportunities for Africans

About the Champions of Science Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0

The African innovation challenge 2.0 is a continent-wide competition that invites African innovators to submit ideas for innovative technologies, products and solutions that have the potential to create a positive impact on African communities. The challenge focuses on identifying scalable and sustainable solutions to six major health and environmental problems for Africa’s population. The Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0 is designed to address the critical unmet needs of Africa while supporting African entrepreneurs. The Challenge supports Africa entrepreneurs as they create innovative health care products and services.

Participants with the best solutions will receive up to US$50,000 in funding. They will also receive mentorship opportunities from Johnson & Johnson’s global network of scientists, engineers and business managers. The mentors will help the participants scale their ideas, so as to meet the needs they were created for. The submitted health care solutions will be evaluated based on their ability to meet the following criteria:

1) Idea submission addresses at least one of the six challenge categories.

2) Idea submission is innovative and creative.

3) Idea submission is scalable.

4) Idea submission outlines how the award would help the applicant(s) reach a critical milestone within the timeframe of a single year and provides a full commercialization plan. The deadline to submit applications is January 16, 2019

In a statement released by Johnson Johnson, Josh Ghsim the Chief Technology Officer of Johnson & Johnson Consumer said that their goal is to expand their support for Africa entrepreneur. They plan to this by pushing the boundaries of creative solutions to meet areas of urgent need. They believe that the 6 new solution categories at the Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0 will provide a great opportunity for Africa’s innovators to showcase their new ideas which have the potential to positively impact the continent.

In another statement by Seema Kumar Vice president of Research and Development at Johnson& Johnson, said that the brand is currently working with entrepreneurs around the world. They are relentlessly pursuing innovations that advance and enhance the health of everyone everywhere.  She goes further to say that it is a great and exciting time to be part of Africa’s rapidly advancing innovation ecosystem.

Solution Categories for the Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0

The challenge’s six new solution categories aim to address significant threats to Africa’s health care systems and environment:

  • Botanical Solutions
  • Packaging Innovations
  • Mental Health
  • Health Worker Support
  • Digital Health Tools
  • Essential Surgical Care innovations

For more information on the Africa Innovation Challenge and the stories of innovation from past winners, please visit


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