The Bud Light King Returns to Punish a Mead Drinking Bar Patron


Bud Light has brought back its ‘Dilly Dilly’ campaign. The reintroduction of the campaign comes with the return of the Bud Light King and his trusty Knight. The beer brand is introducing the next phase of its ‘Dilly Dilly’ campaign. This new push involves the release of a new spot. In the spot, we see how the Bud Light King and his trusty Knight treat mead drinking bar patrons.

The Bud Light King Returns to Punish a Mead Drinking Bar Patron

About Bud Light’s Latest Spot with the Bud Light King

The TV spot was created by the independent creative agency Weiden + Kennedy. It aims to highlight the brand’s  “clean, crisp taste” and “refreshingly uncomplicated attitude”. In the spot, we see the Bud Light King enter a pub and as a treat to his loyal subjects, he orders every bar patron their favourite drink. As you have guessed their favourite drink is a Bud Light. When the Bud Light King announces the order, a huge cheer of ‘Dilly Dilly’ resonates in the bar from all but one bar patron. The bar patron who is sitting in the corner alone interrupts the king to express his desire for an autumnal, malty and full-bodied mead. Annoyed by the bar patron’s order, the king orders his trusty Bud Light Knight to place the annoying subject in the stocks outside.

More Details about Spot

The next phase of the beer brand’s ‘Dilly Dilly” campaign is a multi-million-pound campaign. It is an extension of the Budweiser’s previous work, which launched in the UK this year. Apart from the TV Spot, the beer brand plans to run the campaign across different platforms. Some of these platforms include OOH, PR and digital. They have also made multi-million-pound investments across Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. According to AB InBev, the multi-channel push is predicted to reach over 93% of UK adults.

This new campaign push comes as the beer brand increases its stakes in football. The brand has been investing in the football space in the UK and Europe.  Recently the company’s other brand’s Budweiser announced a multi-year global partnership with the UK Premier League and Spanish counterpart La Liga.


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