The Biggest Sports Marketing Trends of 2019


The ecosphere of sports marketing is drastically changing, big-name sponsorships are no longer enough to appease sports markers. Brands are evolving and focusing more on developing deeper relationships with their fans. They are now focused on connecting with their fans in a way that’s both personal and memorable. On today’s post, we would discuss some of the biggest sports marketing of 2019. These sports marketing trends are changing the sphere of sports marketing. If you are entering into the sports marketing industry, you should be very aware of these trends. These trends will ensure you stay relevant in the sports marketing sphere.

The Biggest Sports Marketing Trends of 2019

Women in sports

Women in sports are one of the biggest sport marketing trends of 2019. Sports marketing has started to see a surge in female-focused marketing efforts. According to Nielson sports, 84% of general sports fans find women’s sport more “inspiring” and “progressive” than the male version. Sports fans see male sports as more money driven when compared to female sports. Some brands are tapping into these stats are using women in sports to drive their marketing efforts. One of such brands is Nike, who has put women’s sport at the heart of their ‘Dream Crazier’ campaign.

The sport featured tennis legend Serena Williams, she called on women to fight against gender bias and unfair stereotyping. The spot was a huge hit for the brand and started a conversation for women in sports. Incorporating women in your marketing campaign is also wise because according to some stats, women in the UK own half the personal wealth. Women also influence up to 80% of purchasing decisions, this means it would be wise to ensure marketing efforts also appeal to women because it can also lead to economic success.

Social Activism

In today’s society, consumers resonate with brands which care about the issues they care about. Consumers want brands to take a stand and this isn’t just limited to consumer brands. It has spilled into the sports marketing sphere, social activism and standing for causes have become one of the biggest sports marketing trends for 2019. Sports brands are now lending their voices to help raise awareness for important social issues. One of such brands who have taken a stand or spoken up on social issues is Manchester United. Recently they launched an ad about equality, diversity and inclusion, they spoke out against discrimination.


eSports is another major sports marketing trend for 2019, it has seen exponential growth in recent years.  It is very popular with football teams with so many millions of their fanbase regularly playing Fifa videogames. There have been efforts to commercialize eSports and harness its audience engagement. More brands are moving to eSports sponsorship, one of such brands as McDonald’s. In Germany, McDonald’s switched from soccer sponsorship to eSports sponsorship.

Social Media

Leveraging social media is another big sports marketing trend, social media is very important to the current generation. Sports teams and athletes have started to leverage on that to boost the success of their teams. Social media is helping to add a human element to the athletes and the sports teams. On social media we have seen athletes and teams give their followers what appears to be exclusive, behind-the-scenes style insights on training sessions, some offer Q& A’s etc. Most of these activities are often brand-sponsored, brands and teams are able to use social media to boost engagements with their brand.


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