The 5 Biggest Advertising Trends of Super Bowl 2019


A big part of the Super Bowl is the advertising, some say it is the best part of the whole Super Bowl experience. Over 100 million viewers watch the Super Bowl each year, this makes the big game a huge opportunity for brands and advertisers. This post on the Super Bowl will be looking at some of the standout advertising trends at the big game.


One of the biggest Advertising trends from the 2019 Super Bowl was nostalgia. A lot of brands decided to turn the clock backwards and remind us of beloved things from the past.  Burger King, for instance, used old footage of Andy Warhol. Olay took us back to Sara Michelle’s horror days. We also go to see The Backstreet Boys perform their iconic song “I Want It That Way”. We even got to see Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Ridges reprise the iconic roles of Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude.  This year’s Super Bowl was full of a lot of nostalgic references.

The 5 Biggest Advertising Trends of Super Bowl 2019

Female Empowerment

Another advertising trend from this year’s Super Bowl was female empowerment. This year we saw a lot of women take centre stage in this year’s ads. A lot of brands used the big game to reach women. Bumble encouraged women to make the first move with their spot which featured Serena William. Toyota also tried to inspire women to be whatever they want to be with a spot that featured a girl who aspires to play in the NFL. Brand’s like M&M and Bon& Viv also put women front and centre.

The 5 Biggest Advertising Trends of Super Bowl 2019

Purpose Driven

A lot of the ads showcased at this year’s Super Bowl was purposed driven. A lot of brands used the platform to show its consumers that they care about a cause or two. Purpose Driven ads was a very popular advertising trend at the big game. For instance, Budweiser used the platform to show that they were dedicated to using renewable energy. Google promoted its new search engine feature that makes it easy for veterans to find jobs. Microsoft also promoted its touch assisted controller which helps kids with disabilities. Other brands’ like Coca Cola and Washington Post also stood up for a cause.

Multiple Spots

This trend probably started last year when Tide decided to take multiple spots. This year a lot of brands decided to continue this advertising trends. Brands like T-Mobile and Bud Light bought multiple spots. They both bought spots in every quarter.

The 5 Biggest Advertising Trends of Super Bowl 2019

Brand Partnerships

Another popular advertising trend was brand partnerships. This year we saw some brand partner with each other. HBO and Bud Light was one of such brands, they partnered to give us one of the most memorable ads of the night.  T-Mobile also partnered with another brand, they partnered with Lyft and Taco Bell for their Super Bowl ads.

The 5 Biggest Advertising Trends of Super Bowl 2019

What other advertising trend did you notice at the Super Bowl?



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