Taxify is Rebranding and It has Changed Its Name to Bolt


Taxify, Uber’s challenger recently announced a major change. Taxify announced that it will be re-branding and that it will be changing its name to Bolt. Bolt is a name, Taxify has used in the past, they used it for its electric scooter service. The new rebrand and name are to highlight the fact that the service provides transportation option beyond private taxis.  The change has already begun to roll out across its apps and website.

What You Need to Know about the Taxify Rebrand to Bolt

According to the Taxify, the rebrand and change to Bolt will bring the brands identity in line with their broader vision of transportation. A vision of transportation that they have already expanded from ride-hailing with cars and motorbikes and now to scooter sharing. As it was mentioned earlier, Taxify has used the name Bolt before for a short term electric scooter rental it launched in Paris. The brand plans to expand on this to make it a permanent feature in its offering. According to the brand, they want to be known for more than just cars and they believe the future is electric, that’s why they will be rolling out an electric scooter rental service around the world.

 According to Uche Okafor, Regional Manager for West Africa at Bolt, the Bolt stands for fast and effortless movement. The brand’s CEO Markus Villig explained that “Bolt” will imply speed and electricity. He stated that they are counting on the fact that the future is fully electric. He also explained that the brand wanted to remove the word “taxi” from its name so as to remove the impression that the company only offers car-based rides.

What to Expect from the Name Change and the Re-branding

According to the transportation service, the new brand name and identity will gradually be rolled out across all their global markets over the following weeks. Users of the apps won’t need to take any action as the app will update automatically. The new brand identity will also see the brand introduce a new logo. They also stated that to help ease the transition and to avoid some of the inevitable confusion. They will describe themselves “Bolt (Taxify)” for the time being.


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