Sure Signs You’re in a Toxic Work Environment


Do you think your workplace is toxic? Not so sure? It’s okay, it can be sometimes difficult to determine if you are working in a toxic work environment. As anyone in the workforce knows, every job and workplace comes with its own challenges and negative characteristics. But you need to know how to determine when it is really dysfunctional and even toxic. On this post, we will be sharing some signs to look out for when you are trying to determine if you are in a toxic work environment. First, let’s define what a toxic work environment is.

Sure Signs You’re in a Toxic Work Environment

What is a Toxic Work Environment?

It is an environment that negatively impacts the viability of an organization. It can be a general atmosphere or the people or even the combination of the two factors. Toxic workplaces are detrimental to the physical and emotional health of their employees. They most often cause disruptions in the personal lives of the employees. Therefore they should be avoided.

Sure Signs You’re in a Toxic Work Environment

Little to No Enthusiasm/ Motivation

One sure-fire sign that you are working in a toxic work environment is that almost employee lacks enthusiasm or motivation. Look around your workplace, are people motivated? Is anyone happy to be working there? Is the atmosphere happy, positive and upbeat? If the answer is no, then your workplace is toxic.

Unhealthy Communication

Another major sign you are in a toxic work environment is if you and others don’t get the necessary information. If there are significant problems in communication, and often across multiple areas. Multiple areas like between employees and their supervisors, from management to supervisors, across departments, with suppliers, and even with customers then you are in a toxic workplace. If employees find out about decisions after they have implemented then there’s a major problem. Communication is key because it enables people to work together effectively and make it easy to accomplish tasks.

High Turnover

This is a very obvious sign, when the turnover rate is high in an organization it is most likely a toxic workplace. Once staff start to realize just how toxic the workplace is, they start to troop out in search of better situations. You would often see employees on job sites, looking for an exit.

Narcissistic Leadership

Narcissistic leadership often create a toxic workplace. These leaders are usually all about themselves and about their own needs. They view themselves as better, brighter and more talented than anyone else around. As a result, they expect special treatment and act like they are above the rules and everyone is beneath them. These leaders are very oppressive and often relate to others in a condescending manner. They can be very manipulative and always want credit for others’ successes.

Cliques, Gossip, and Rumors

Having narcissistic leadership will affect the followership. Everyone would emulate the leadership and only look out for themselves. They won’t be genuine friendships among employees and this would affect teamwork. There will be a lot of infighting and paranoia as well as gossip and rumours.

Poor Personal Life

Like it said earlier a toxic workplace can affect your physical and emotional health. If you start to see problems in your personal health, then it can be as a result of working in a toxic place. Physical symptoms can include insomnia, weight gain, weight loss and having increased medical problems. Emotional symptoms can include depression, lack of motivation, being irritable, development of anger issues etc.


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