Subscription to Nigerian Police Crime Reporting App is N12,000


Earlier this year, the Nigeria Police Force released a promotional video for announcing its crime reporting app. In the video, they sold the benefits of the Nigerian police crime reporting app. They stated that there will be a subscription fee. With the app, citizens can use the Nigerian police crime reporting app to report crimes like robbery, kidnappings, rape attempts and can use it to request for ambulances. With the app, all citizens have to do is press a button and the Nigerian Police force will use GPS to locate the citizen and come to their rescue in a matter of minutes. According to the Force, the Nigerian Police Crime Reporting App will drastically reduce the rate of crime in the country.

Subscription to Nigerian Police Crime Reporting App is N12,000

The Police had stated, “The Nigeria Police Force, through the dogged efforts of the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, in a bid to combat the high rate of criminality and criminal elements, kidnappers, domestic offenders, violence, cultism, rape, robbery, among so many, has launched the Police VGS Mobile App.” At the time of the announcement, no fee was communicated on how much it will cost to subscribe to the app. Well, they have finally made an announcement on the subscription fee and people are not happy.

Subscription to Nigerian Police Crime Reporting App is N12,000

PUNCH recently broke the news that individual subscription to the app will cost N12,000. According to PUNCH, any Nigerian who wishes to report cases of rape, kidnapping, murder or incidents such as road accidents through the newly inaugurated Police VGS Mobile App must pay N12,000 before they can do so. No fee has been reported on how much a family subscription will cost but it is speculated it would cost a lot more.

Nigerians React to the News

Nigerian citizens are not happy with the subscription fee. Many believe that the fee is too high and that the whole app and scheme was a way to exploit citizens and syphon funds. Many citizens believe the fee is too high and would leave the poor and middle class exposed to crime, seeing as the average citizen won’t be able to afford the subscription fee. The Nigerian citizens also stated that they believe that they shouldn’t have to pay such an outrageous amount to be protected by the government. Many stated that their tax payments should cover issues like this.

Citizens also stated that they believe that the app is unnecessary. With the help social media platforms, the Police can better monitor criminal activities. They suggested creating free accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where citizens can report crimes.

What do you think about the fee?


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