Studio Resonate: Pandora Debuts Digital Audio Consultancy


A lot of brands are starting to invest in digital audio, seeing as the format has grown to about $2.3 billion and still has the potential to grow more in the coming years. Brands are trying to make their mark on this new format, very recently MasterCard unveiled their sonic logo and other brands are following suit. Armed with this knowledge, Pandora has decided to launch a digital audio consultancy called Studio Resonate. Studio Resonate is a new consulting arm of Pandora that will meet brands digital audio consulting needs.

Studio Resonate: Pandora Debuts Digital Audio Consultancy

About Studio Resonate

Studio Resonate is a consulting arm of Pandora that aims to help brands navigate tasks like creating a “sonic logo.” It will provide services like audio creative, strategy and live activations. Studio Resonate has already started to build its client portfolio.  Furniture maker Ashley HomeStore signed up as a client, as did a “major home improvement retailer” and “large CPG brand.” Before the launch of this consulting arm, Pandora has already been providing these services to its advertising clients for years.

The launch of Studio Resonate brings its entire suite of audio talent under one roof. By launching the firm, they are hoping to attract new business from its existing roster of clients. They are also trying to add more value than what traditional agencies offer. Pandora plans to emphasize Studio Resonate next week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Pandora Speaks on the Launch of Its Digital Audio Creative Arm

Steve Keller, the sonic director at Pandora spoke about the new consulting arm. Keller spoke about how the brand has seen and heard about how adept they are at blending science and art. They do this in a way that ultimately helps them generate desired perceptual and behavioural outcomes for their clients. This has helped them differentiate themselves in their space. This new arm will be no different.

Keller also spoke about their digital audio creative process. He stated that they work as archaeologists, digging through brand books, market research, positioning papers, conducting interviews and attempting to gain a holistic understanding of brand purpose, meaning and values. After they do this they then listen and do a series of audits. They then do an audio assessment of the brand to help them create a sonic logo and come up with an audio strategy.


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