Sterling Bank’s New Brand Identity: Sterling Bank’s Unveils New Brand Identity


Sterling bank unveiled a new brand identity, the new Sterling Bank’s Brand identity comes after the bank decided to reposition the bank. The Sterling bank new brand identity was announced through a series of tweets on the official Sterling Bank’s Twitter handle.

About Sterling Bank’s New Brand Identity

Sterling Bank’s new brand indemnity saw the design of the Sterling Bank logo change. The Sterling Bank logo which was previously designed to look like and represent “aiming for the moon” has now been changed to represent the “rising sun”. The new Sterling Bank rebrand logo “rising sun” is to align the brand with the current strategic repositioning of the bank. The new logo reflects the banks’ progression from traditional banking to a new and more agile force which will deliver forward moving disruptive solutions.

In a statement by the bank, it was said the new logo represents the journey from aiming for the stars to becoming the rising sun. The Sterling bank’s new brand identity and logo became effective on Monday, January 7th 2019. The new logo has been deployed at different Sterling Bank branches nationwide.

Sterling Makes a Statement about Sterling Bank’s New identity

While Sterling bank announced the Sterling Bank’s new brand identity decision on Twitter, a statement was also released. The signed statement was released through the Company Secretary/ Chief Legal Counsel Justina Lewa. Justina Lewa explained that the Sterling bank’s new identity was created to reflect its new state. She says that the bank is in a good position to roll out more innovative services. The bank is also in a good position to strengthen its corporate identity. Their new position will enable them to occupy an even greater share of space in the consumer’s mind.

Lewa explained that Sterling Bank’s new identity is simpler, more sophisticated and more dynamic. According to the statement, Sterling Bank’s new brand identity shows the bank’s progression from old-school banking into a new and more agile force that delivers forward-moving services. She explained that Sterling bank has never been stronger and more relevant as it is today. The Sterling Bank’s new identity reflects the bank’s unstoppable drive to go further. It reinforces the banks continued commitment to the financial industry.

What are people saying Sterling Bank’s New Identity

The new logo has been met with a lot of positivity.

But some have people are saying that the new logo is very similar to that of GTB.


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