Sterling Bank Products and Services


At Sterling Bank, the customers are their very first priority and they value the opinion and ideas of the customers and users of their services. The bank has made sure they provide plenty of mediums to keep in touch with their customers. Sterling Bank, which is popularly known as the “one customer bank” is a bank filled with great products and services. The Sterling bank product and services have been designed to meet up with the daily lifestyle of the users and customers. The Sterling Bank Products and Services offer you a wide range of excellently designed services used to support your personal and business needs.

Benefits of Sterling Bank Products and Services

Enjoy a set of interesting products and services from Sterling Bank, which was designed to keep you covered all through your day to day life. The Sterling bank platform has got these services just to satisfy your every desire.

  1. They are easy to operate and convenient for your use
  2. Help to grow and improve your business
  3. Full-time access to online internet banking and mobile banking via your internet-enabled smartphone or computer from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you go
  4. Access to sterling bank debit cards for usage at ATM and POS machines
  5. Provides users with easy banking activities and transactions for the purpose of an interesting banking experience
  6. Provides quick and easy access to your bank account and your funds
  7. Access to free cheques books for withdrawal transactions
  8. You get alerts on every transaction going on within your bank account

List of Sterling Bank Products and Services

Sterling Bank PLC. provides a lot of banking and financial products and services used to meet the personal and business needs of its customers. This bank offers these services in commercial mediums, retail banking, customer banking, financial and management investments, other financial services and a lot more.

  1. Online internet banking – access your bank account and money through your mobile phone or computer, you really do not have to visit any banking halls to carry out transactions. Every transaction and banking activities can be done right from your phone. All you have to do isvisit the bank’s website and create an online internet banking account.
  2. Mobile banking – you can access yourbank account and make all sorts of transaction via your mobile phone andcomputer. Just download the bank’s mobile banking app and you can get started.It is so easy to use.
  3. SMS and E-mail alerts – you getnotified of any transaction and activity going on within your bank account. Youget these alerts through the SMS or through your e-mail.
  4. Sterling bank debit cards – debitcards are issued to you by the banks for the purpose of making easy withdrawalsthrough the ATM and POS machines.
  5. Mobile money transfers – send andtransfer funds to others through your mobile phone.
  6. Shopper’s services.
  7. Electronic banking.
  8. Trade services.
  9. Motor insurance.
  10.  Fire and other perils.
  11. Publicliability insurance.
  12. Marineinsurance.
  13. Burglarybreaking insurance
  14. Moneyinsurance.
  15. International funds transfer and so much more


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