Sterling Bank Mobile Banking Codes: A Guide on Everything You Need to Know


Sterling bank mobile banking codes are USSD codes used by Sterling bank customers to conduct transactions and manage their accounts. The Sterling mobile banking codes make performing banking transactions very easy and convenient. You can easily purchase airtime, pay bills and perform business transactions from the comfort of your home. The Sterling bank mobile banking codes don’t require internet connection which gives it an added advantage against the bank’s online internet banking platform. It is also a safe and secure system that allows you to carry out transactions anytime and anywhere, all you need is your four-digit code. This article is going to highlight some of the benefits of Sterling mobile banking codes and how you can use them.

Benefits of the Sterling Bank Mobile Banking Codes

The Sterling bank mobile banking codes have a lot of varying benefits to offer. Here are just some of the great benefits:

  1. Easily register and activate the Sterling bank mobile money platform via short USSD codes.
  2. It is secure safe reliable and easy to use.
  3. It is compatible with any and all devices because it doesn’t need internet connection.
  4. You can easily purchase airtime with no added or hidden charges
  5. Quickly and easily check and manage your account balance.

Above are some of the benefits of the Sterling bank mobile banking codes. For more benefits or enquiries on the bank’s mobile banking codes, simply, visit any of the Sterling bank branches close to you or visit the Sterling bank online website.

Sterling Bank Mobile Banking USSD Codes Activation

The Sterling bank USSD code is *822#, if you wish to activate your mobile banking platform, simply dial *822# . The moment you dial the code you will be prompted with some instruction. Simply follow the instructions and successfully activate your mobile sim card for Sterling bank mobile banking USSD codes. Once you activate your sim card, you will be asked to input a secret transaction pin. This transaction pin will be required for all transactions you make with your mobile device, so it is best you keep this pin safe. The moment you set the pin, you can equally start sending and receiving money via your mobile device. Not only that you can also instantly top up your device directly from your bank account without stress or going to the bank.


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