Starbucks Redefines Its Creative Brand Expression with Public Website


Starbucks is redefining its creative brand expression and to announce and explain its new brand expression, the coffee brand launched a website. The coffee brand used the website to make the news public and give a complete rundown of its new brand expression. The website shows the Starbucks brand design evolution.

Starbucks Redefines Its Creative Brand Expression with Public Website

Starbucks Redefines Its Creative Brand Expression with Public Website

On the website, visitors can see how the new brand expression has already been implemented. They can see how it has been implemented in spring, summer and Nitro brew campaigns. Starbucks also explained other design nuances on the website.

They address the Siren logo and they explain that the brand prefers to use the logo by itself without its wordmark. They explained that it allows it to be presented with “greater prominence.” Starbucks also explained that its moving away from hand-lettering and towards three fonts. These three fonts are  Sodo Sans, Lander and Trade Gothic. The site even lets people try out the typefaces on the page.

More on Starbucks New Brand Expression

The site also explained that Illustrations are used to express heritage, coffee and customization, as on gift cards and small-lot coffee packaging, while photography must relate back to the brand. “The goal: every photo and video is identifiably Starbucks. Product stories are clearly about the product. We use people sparingly, thoughtfully and with intention,”

On the website, Voice is addressed in two silos: functional and expressive. According to the site, functional copy means helpful and is most often used for ordering. It explained that expressive copy is its marketing copy, as on its signage and social copy. According to the site, expressive copy stresses “making every word count.”

Starbucks Speaks on Its New Brand Expression

Starbucks spoke about its new brand expression, explaining that the brand has evolved as they evolve to meet beautifully diverse customers all over the world. They explained that the site was created to introduce a fresh new design system. It still maintains the core elements of their brand while keeping their customers’ experience central to creative expression.

They also explained that they are incorporating “beautiful, expressive moments with calm confidence in ways that are optimistic, joyful and recognizably Starbucks.”

Ben Nelson, creative director at Starbucks stated that the brand was inspired by other brands being more transparent about their creative process. This is why the created the public site describing its creative process.

To view the site, please click here

Credit: The Drum


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