Sprite Releases Short Quirky Ads to Help Commuters Unwind in Rush Hour


Sprite in Brazil recently released a series of short quirky ads that are aimed at helping commuters unwind in rush hour. With these quirky ads, the brand is hoping to offer some visual relief to Brazilians stuck in traffic.

Sprite Releases Short Quirky Ads to Help Commuters Unwind in Rush Hour

About Sprite’s Quirky Ads

The campaign was created by Wieden + Kennedy Sao Paulo and is called “Fresh Drops”.  Sprite’s “Fresh Drops” campaign features quirky short-form animations. These quirky short-form animations were created through Wieden + Kennedy Sao Paulo’s in-house studio, Joint. Joint created the ads with the help of some artistic collaborators from around the world. Some of these collaborators include Marc Tudisco, Yeye Weller, Felms and London Studio Yumyum.

The campaign was launched to coincide with the approaching summer in Brazil which runs from December to March. This campaign is the first campaign from Wieden + Kennedy Sao Paulo for Sprite. The “Fresh Drops” campaign is primarily targeted to run in digital outdoor during rush hour in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. It will run in all the streets and in all major train stations in Brazil’s two largest cities.  They also plan to air the campaign during MTV ad breaks, and the brand will be an exclusive sponsor of traffic announcements on some radio stations.

According to the brand, the campaign was created strategically to build the brand’s brand awareness in Brazil by connecting with younger audiences who are tough to reach through traditional advertising.

Wieden + Kennedy Sao Paulo and the Brand Speak about the Campaign

Renato Simões, executive creative director at Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo spoke about the campaign. He stated that“Fresh Drops” is like a sip of Sprite in your day. According to him, they won’t take the problems out of your head, but they’ll have a good refresh.

Ana Carolina Santos, Sprite’s integrated communications manager also spoke about the campaign. According to her, their proposal is to redefine the way they talk about freshness when the category codes are all very similar. She stated that they are bringing a young, irreverent and especially nonlinear language to connect with their audience.


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