Spotify #loveAds: Spotify Invites Marketers to Build a Playlist of Favorite Songs from Ads


Spotify for Brands, the music streaming service’s ad sales house recently created a microsite called Spotify #loveAds. The Spotify #loveAds was created to encourage the industry to celebrate songs that helped ads cement their place in the hearts of consumers.

Spotify #loveAds: Spotify Invites Marketers to Build a Playlist of Favorite Songs from Ads.

About the Spotify #loveAds Microsite and Campaign

The Spotify #loveAds microsite and campaign is encouraging the industry to celebrate these songs by building a playlist of their favourite songs from ads. According to the microsite, Spotify wants people to pick a song or multiple songs that they fell in love with after hearing it on a memorable ad. They encouraged people to do this so that they can spread the #loveAds message. Boasting 116m free tier, ad-funded users, Spotify through this Spotify #loveAds campaign is looking to raise some excitement around music’s contribution to the industry. By raising some excitement Spotify is hoping to attract potential clients to their Spotify for Brand’s venture.

Spotify Speaks on the Spotify #loveAds Campaign

Spotify’s Vice president of Sales in Europe Marco Bertozzi spoke about the Spotify #loveAds campaign. He explained that the campaign was created as a simple internal message for their advertising team as a way to take pride in their work. He talked about how the campaign was launched last year in Europe and has now begun to travel. Bertozzi said that the campaign has become a movement among their global Spotify ad sales team. The ad is being used by the Spotify team to highlight ideas, campaigns and achievements.

Bertozzi also talked about how much people love music, he stated that people love music because it connects us and can amplify a moment a person is in. He talked about how with the emotional connection, music has the power to enhance advertising strategies and to build meaningful relationships between the consumers and a brand.

To view the microsite here, click here.


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