Spotify Launches Voice-Enabled Audio Ads with Unilever


Spotify currently announced that they are testing voice-enable audio ads. The voice-enabled audio ads will be for Spotify’s podcast and there will be a separate one for Unilever. The voice-enable audio ads will allow listeners to take action by saying a specific phrase during commercials. According to sources, Spotify’s rival Pandora is also testing a similar tool but hasn’t started testing with brands.

Spotify Launches Voice-Enabled Audio Ads with Unilever

About the Spotify Voice-Enabled Audio Ads and its Testing Phase

The stating phase for the voice-enable ads have begun and is only limited to the United States. Only users with voice-enabled capabilities would be part of the Spotify voice-enabled audio ads test. According to Spotify, one ad will direct users to the Spotify Original podcast, Stay Free: The Story of the Clash.  Another ad will direct users to a branded playlist on Spotify related to a Unilever Axe ad campaign. When the ad runs, the ad will encourage users to check out the content by saying “Play Now.” Users will then be given the time to respond, if the user says anything else except “Play Now,” a tone will sound and the mic is turned off.  The ad break will then continue as usual. But if the user should say “Play Now” they will either be directed to Spotify’s podcast or Unilever’s branded playlist.

Spotify Speaks on the Voice-Enabled Audio Ads

According to the music streaming platform, they believe those voice ads will be able to capitalize on consumers growing interested in using voice tech and smart assistants. This is an area, a lot of tech companies are investing in. The co-f0under and CEO of the brand Daniel Ek talked about how the brand believes in voice. He stated voice across all platforms are critical areas of growth, particularly for music and audio content. He then talked about how the brand is investing in it and testing ways to explore and refine their offerings in that area.

Spotify believes that the voice ads will help marketers reach their audience at a time when people are being more conscious about how much time they’re looking at their phone’s screen and are going through “screen detoxes.”


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