Sport the Unexpected: Rebook Makes a Comeback with New Campaign


Reebok is making a comeback, the new comeback comes with a new marketing lead, tagline and campaign. Reebok has left its “Be More Human” campaign and tagline in the past to launch a new campaign titled “Sport the Unexpected.” The “Sport the Unexpected” campaign is supposed to position the brand to appeal to a larger demographic. The larger demographic will include a younger and more culture-conscious group of people.

Sport the Unexpected: Rebook Makes a Comeback with New Campaign

About the Sport the Unexpected Campaign

For the “Sport the Unexpected” campaign, the company plans to combine different but distinct elements to help to appeal to this new larger demographic. They plan to reclaim their late 80s and early 90s era style. The campaign was created by Venable Bells & Partners, the agency’s last creative partner before they appointed Deutsch as their global creative agency of record. For the “Sport the Unexpected” campaign the brand recently launched a new spot.

The spot is a 15-second spot titled “Storm the Courts”, there’s also a longer 90-second digital spot.  The spot stars an uninvited central character who is inspired by the Korean sci-fi/ horror genre that was a hit in the late 90s. The central character is supposed to act as a metaphor for the effect Reebok wants to have in the market. The character in the spot comes out of nowhere to surprise and compel the audience and players.

The 15-second version of the “Storm the Courts” spot will run on TV through spring. After spring, the brand plans to release a new video called “Back Where We Started”. This spot will run through summer,    the brand plans to air a third spot during the back to school season. The brand teased that the third spot will feature a familiar face.

Video of Storm the Courts by Reebok

Reebok Speaks on the New “Sport the Unexpected” Campaign

Melanie Boulden, the head of marketing and brand management spoke about the new campaign.  She talked about what has made Reebok successful in the past, attributing it to when they have chosen to be bold and proactive. She stated that they have been most successful when they have had a strong perspective on culture and embraced being daring and different.

Boulden then spoke about the marketing in sport industry over the years stating that they look very similar. She stated with the “Sport the Unexpected” campaign, they are breaking convention and offering an alternative point of view on sport and life. She stated that they want consumers to know there is an alternative in the sports category. They want their consumers to be proud to sport the unexpected.


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