Splenda’s New Self-Aware Spot is Hilarious


Splenda recently released a new spot to promote its Stevia product and we must say the ad is hilarious. The company decided to not take itself too seriously with this self-aware spot and it seems to pay off. Seeing as the final product is very delightful and funny. The spot was created with the creative agency Humanaut. Humanaut is an agency based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, they have a good track record of creating good work that’s very self-aware and this work for Splenda is no different.

Splenda’s New Self-Aware Spot is Hilarious

Splenda’s New Self-Aware Spot is Hilarious

The spot is titled “The Sweetest Thing You Could Grow” and it is created to promote its Stevia product. The Stevia product is a sweetener made from the Stevia plant. Splenda establishes this fact very early in the ad and seeing as it’s a plant, people in the ad figure they can grow it at home. From there, the premise of the ad leans into the blossoming “grow” culture in America. We see everyone trying to grow it at home. We see them grow it in the basement, closets, backyard, porches etc.

As the people in the ad tell the narrator how and where they are going to grow the plant, he tries to point out why they shouldn’t. The ad ends with a young man who brings his own baggie into a diner (in front of the police) to sweeten his own coffee. The spot is 60- minute long but there is a shorter 30-second version. But the 30-second ad doesn’t quite capture the concept of the longer version. The ad is hilarious in a very self-aware way. The self-aware nature of the ad ads an extra layer of humour to the ad.

Humanaut Speaks on Its Ad for Splenda

Humanaut founder and CCO David Littlejohn spoke about the spot. He says “We know we’re a large corporation making a commercial and we’re having fun with that format,” says. “It starts off as a traditional commercial, then crashes with people interrupting and sticking it to the man. But the bottom line is it would just make more sense to buy Splenda Stevia than to go to all the trouble of making it yourself.”



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