Snap Select: Snapchat is Letting Brands Reserve Ads in Premium Discover Shows


Snapchat recently announced that it will be launching a new ad product called Snap Select. Snap Select is an ad product which will allow brands to buy inventory on Snap Originals. With Snap Select brands will be able to buy inventory in premium discover shows upfront.

Snap Select: Snapchat is Letting Brands Reserve Ads in Premium Discover Shows

About Snap Select

According to the brand, Snap Select will debut during the second quarter of the year. Snap select blends Snapchat’s automated ad platform with an upfront way to pay for ads and reserve inventory in Discover shows. Brands will be given to premium shows from their top publishing partners like Conde Nast Entertainment, Group Nine Media, Tastemade, Hearst and NBC Universal. Instead of buying ad space in the Discover shows through an auction, brands will be able to buy inventory in a way that’s very similar to Google Preferred.

Google Preferred is an ad offering that allows brands to run their ads in only top YouTube shows. Currently, Snapchat, over 450 premium content channels are part of Discover across the globe. Snapchat’s new ad product will only feature shows with the largest audiences and strongest engagements. The new ad product will give brands a fixed rate and guaranteed audience size, so the media buyers can plan ad campaigns more efficiently. The way the product will work is that a brand orders the number of views it would like to obtain. Then they will pay according to a set price for every thousand views (a CPM), and then runs 6-second commercials that only appear in the Shows Snapchat considers its most premium.

Snapchat Speaks on its New Ad Product Snap Select

The brand’s vice president of global agency partnerships, David Roter spoke on the new ad product. He stated that it gives marketers and agencies access to reserve inventory in the most premium, popular shows on Snapchat. He also stated that it gives marketers a direct path to reach millennial and Gen Z audiences. The audience are increasingly difficult to reach elsewhere. Roter also spoke about how thrilled the social network is at their ability to deliver returns on investment with non-skippable, full-screen commercials, with sound on and at scale.


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