Simple Productivity Hacks to Help You Stay on Task


So little time, so much to do, it often feels like 24 hours isn’t enough to complete all your tasks in a day. When you have a lot to do staying on task can be so difficult. This post is going to discuss some productivity hacks that will help you to stay on task. These productivity hacks will help make you make the most out of your day.

Simple Productivity Hacks to Help You Stay on Task

Break Down Your Tasks and Focus at One at a Time

Having a lot to do is very overwhelming, and a huge part of what makes it overwhelming is looking at it as a whole with no idea on how to start. One of the best productivity Hacks is breaking down the tasks into small chunks that will take no more than an hour or two complete.  Create like a to-do list, starting with priority tasks.  As you start to go through the list, ensure you focus at one at a time. You will see that it will be easier to stay on task.

Always Start With the Most Important Task

Starting with the most important task is another one of those really great productivity hacks.  When you start with the most important tasks it is easier for you to track your progress during the day. You will start to see visible gains on your workload as the day progresses. It will make it easier to stay on task.

Do the Most Difficult Task When You are the Most Productive

Everybody has times in the day when they are more productive. Some people find out that they are more productive in the morning while others are productive at night. Another great hack on the productivity hacks list is to do a difficult task at your most productive periods. When you do this you will see that you will be able to accomplish more.

Take Many Breaks

To ensure you don’t burn out it is important you take as many breaks as you can. When you take breaks you have time to revitalize yourself and restrategize. You can take a 10 to 15 min break every hour. Short breaks have been proven to increase your productivity and help you concentrate.

Minimize Distractions

To ensure you stay on task, it is important you eliminate distractions. Listening to music can help zone out external noise and distractions. Other ways to remove distractions is by turning off your mobile phone or putting it on vibrate. You can also close extra browser window tabs and your email. Removing distractions will help you focus on the task at hand.

Use a Productivity App

Using productivity apps is another great productivity hack. Productivity apps are created to help you be more productive so they can’t go wrong. Apps like Trello will help you track your projects and to do list


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