Shopping Ads Are Coming To Nigeria


Google recently announced the launch of shopping ads on Google Search in Nigeria. According to the tech giants, the shopping ads were launched to enhance the consumer’s experience on online transactions. Google Shopping ads will make it easier and quicker for online shoppers to find and purchase products. It was also launched to reaffirm Google’s commitment to supporting the growth of businesses in Nigeria. 

Shopping Ads Are Coming To Nigeria

About Google’s Shopping Ads

With the ads, online shoppers will now be presented with a range of product alternatives. This will give them the opportunity to make informed decisions. The ads will also allow consumers to see more than just text ads as they search for products that they are interested in buying. These ads show photos of the product, the title, price, the store name, reviews and more. These ads give shoppers a strong sense of the product they are buying before they click the ad.

Shopping ads are now available in 94 countries and merchants can work with Comparison Shopping Services to advertise their products. One of the hardest challenges advertisers face when expanding internationally is preparing their Shopping ads for a new language. There is support available for advertisers to list in multiple languages and for those who sell 

Google Speaks on the Launch 

Adim Isiakpona, the Industry Manager of  Google West Africa spoke about the launch of the shopping ads. He expressed the tech giants excitement to be launching the ads in Nigeria, Adim stated that the shopping ads include photos and prices to help consumers find the products they are looking for and enable advertisers to reach consumers who are looking to buy.

Adim explained that they adopted the ads because they understand that in today’s world, images resonate more strongly with people than text. Adding images to ads means people can quickly see if the product is what they are searching for and shorten the time they need to make a purchase decision. He explained that since they started using Shopping Ads they have seen solid and consistent results that show it’s working for their consumers and helping them get what they need rapidly and easily. 

According to Nnamdi Ekeh, CEO of Konga group,  it is a key part of achieving their goal of reinventing the way people access products in this part of the world.

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