Set Experience Group Merges and Rebrands as Set Creative


The SET Experience Group, the WPP owned network recently announced that it will be consolidating its family of agencies. Following the merger announcement, the network also announced that it will be rebranding. The new consolidated and rebranded agency will be called Set Creative. SET, the SET Experience Group’s retail agency, SET Live the Group’s event focused agency and Bespoke the Groups production shop were all consolidated to make up Set Creative.

Set Experience Group Merges and Rebrands as Set Creative

About the Newly Formed Set Creative and It’s New Identity and Positioning

The decision to merge the agencies came from a desire to unite the suite of services provided by the group. Set Creative will offer an all-encompassing suite of services across strategy, design and delivery.  It will include digital/social amplification, copywriting, social strategy, visual merchandising, trend reporting, experience mapping, graphic, interactive and motion design and more. The merger is followed by a rebranding announcement, the agency’s new brand identity is more colourful and dynamic.

Set Creative’s brand identity is designed to demonstrate both unity and flexibility while communicating a commitment to using social and digital channels to amplify each experience. They also debuted a new positioning, the agency worked with the WPP brand agency Superunion for the strategic repositioning. The new brand positioning says “We don’t just create impressions. We create impressions that count.” The newly formed Set Creative is built on the belief that experiences specifically pop-ups, live events and brand activations have tremendous power to both deeply affect individuals while also playing to a crowd.

Set Creative Debuts New Leadership

Apart from the merger and rebranding announcement, the agency also announced changes to its leadership structure. Alasdair Lloyd-Jones, the CEO is no longer with the organization. Before he was the CEO, he was the chief strategy officer and president. Kurt Kujovich will act as the interim Chief Operation Officer of the agency. No statement was made as to why Alasdair Lylod-Jones left the organization. Alasdair Lylod-Jones has also not made a comment about his departure from the agency.

The leadership team includes London-based global operations director Catherine Smee, North American managing director Alan Doyle, group account director Prashant S. Kulkarni and North American executive creative director Dan Carter.


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