Serena Williams Jewellery Line Launches Campaign to Celebrate Strong and Independent Women


Tennis star and entrepreneur Serena Williams recently launched her own Jewelry line. The line is called Serena Williams Jewellery and it is an extension of her clothing line Williams’ S. To help promote the newly launched jewellery line she also launched a campaign. The campaign aims to celebrate strong and independent women.

Serena William Jewellery Line Launches Campaign to Celebrate Strong and Independent Women

About the Serena Williams Jewellery Line Campaign which Celebrates Strong and Independent Women

The campaign for the Serena Williams Jewellery line was by Sublime Communications. The campaign aims to capture Williams’ strong sense of self and looks to help inspire women to love themselves and treat themselves with self gift-giving. It features digital marketing and out-of-home and will eventually add video and television.

The campaign features some very empowering taglines which are usually accompanied by images of the jewellery. Some of the taglines include “Be an accessory to no one”, Sweep yourself off your own feet” and  “Run circles around every challenge”

Sublime Communications Speaks on the Campaign

Nicole Enslein, founder and chief executive officer of Connecticut-based Sublime Communications spoke about the campaign. She talked about how Serena Williams Jewellery is an extension of Williams’ S by Serena clothing line and a natural progression for her growing entrepreneurial empire. According to Enslein, the campaign conveys the core essence of Williams, who embodies inspiration, empowerment and celebration of self. Enslein explained that they want women to treasure themselves and treat themselves. She says that they don’t have to wait for someone else to buy you a piece of fine jewellery.

According to Enslein, Williams was hands-on in building the campaign with the agency. She stated that the tennis star was involved in the whole campaign process. Enslein stated that the tennis champion loves the campaign because it fully aligns with her own attitude and spirit.

Enslein explained that the campaign for the jewellery line is more than just selling beautiful jewellery. It’s about conveying a message of empowerment and women celebrating themselves. “Because the campaign comes from Serena Williams, no other brand can do it better or more authentically”, said Enslein.

Source: The Drum


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