Sean Astin Becomes Colonel Sanders for KFC by Channeling His Rudy Character


In the history of KFC, there have been a lot of iconic actors who have taken up the role of Colonel Sanders. The latest actor to play the role in Sean Astin and he doesn’t do it the typical way. This time, the actor Sean Astin plays not just Colonel Sanders but he plays his iconic underdog character from the film Rudy.

Sean Astin Becomes Colonel Sanders for KFC by Channeling His Rudy Character

This campaign which stars Sean Astin was created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland. The ad is called ‘Rudy II’ and it is a spoof of the original movie. The ad starts with Sean Astin being hoisted on his teammates’ shoulders just like the end of the 1993 movie. He then sees a fan with a bucket of KFC and has an idea of what he wants for his future.

Rudy (Sean Astin) then goes ahead to tell his coach that when he finishes college, he wants to be the Colonel. He pushes on and we see him donning a ‘chicken’ jacket and training as hard as he can.  We then see him putting on a football uniform with Sanders on the jersey. He adds the grey wig, moustache and glasses for the full effect. Rudy then leads his team on to the field and ofcourse, it’s in goes slo-mo, the voice and text-over say “Rudy II: He’s Colonel Sanders now.”

More on the Campaign

If you are a fan of the original Rudy, you will recognize recreations of several of the iconic scenes. Some of the scenes include the famous locker room speech and when Rudy is lifted up and carried off the field as a hero.

As part of the campaign, fans can get a free chocolate cake when purchasing a 10-piece meal.

KFC Speaks on the Campaign

Andrea Zahumensky, KFC US chief marketing officer spoke about the campaign. He stated that football; Kentucky Fried Chicken and the iconic sports film Rudy were made for each other. He explains this as the reason they have enlisted Colonel Rudy to remind fans across America that there’s no better way to watch your favourite team than with a bucket of the Colonel’s famous fried chicken.


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