Santander is Driving Awareness of Financial Abuse


This month is Domestic Violence Awareness month and Santander Bank is driving awareness of financial abuse in honour of the month. Many victims of domestic abuse face financial issues and this makes leaving the abusive situation more difficult. Many of these victims find it hard to leave because they are not financial independent. Armed with these facts, the bank is partnering with some organizations to shine a light on their struggles.

Santander is Driving Awareness of Financial Abuse

Santander Bank will be partnering with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) and the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). They will be launching a campaign called ‘In Someone Else’s Shoes’.

About the ‘In Someone Else’s Shoes’ Campaign

For the campaign, they will be bringing to life the issues financial abuse survivors often encounter. They will be doing this through online videos telling people’s stories, as well as an immersive live activation. The live activation will be open to the public in New York City. For the ‘In Someone Else’s Shoes’ campaign, they featured a spot.

About the ‘In Someone Else’s Shows’ Spot

The spot aims to show the hidden truths of domestic financial abuse. The spot starts by showing normal suburban houses, then scrolls over with “The most dangerous place in the world for a woman is her home.” In the ad, we hear the voice of a woman, she is the voice over for the ad. She states “I know what most people think – if he broke my jaw, I would just leave.” She then talks about how the whole situation is more complicated than people think. The woman talks about how if she leaves she won’t be able to access the bank account because she has nothing with her name on it. Therefore, she is stuck.

More about the ‘ In Someone Else’s Shoes’ Campaign

Aside from the spot detailing the financial struggles of domestic abuse victims, Santander Bank is also starting a program. The program features a micro-lending program for survivors that includes credit-building opportunities as well as access to financial literacy resources. Santander Bank is also donating $200,000 through 2020 to The Independence Project, NNEDV’s micro-lending program. The program allows applicants access to $100 loans for the sole purpose of credit-building and repair.

Santander Bank is also introducing an online financial literacy program. This program is in partnership with the NCADV. It is created to assist those facing financial struggles caused by domestic violence through webinars and continued education.

They are also hosting an ‘In Someone Else’s Shoes’ interactive exhibit in New York City. The exhibit will spotlight the financial hardships of an abusive home. It features a stand-alone house which was  built in partnership with domestic violence and financial abuse experts. The house gives guests a glimpse into systemic and structural factors that enable a domestic violence situation and make it difficult to escape. The exhibit is free and is open to the public) at The Oculus in Manhattan’s Financial District.


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