Samsung Overtakes P&G as World’s Largest Advertiser


According to Ad Age’s annual global marketing report, Samsung has overtaken Procter & Gamble as the world’s highest spending brand advertiser in 2017.  They spent $US11.2 billion on advertising and sales promotion in 2017. Samsung increased their total advertising budget by 13% in 2017 to become the world’s largest advertiser. By increasing their budget by 13%, they stripped P&G off its title as the world’s largest advertiser who spent an estimated $US10.5 billion.

5G Smartphone: Samsung announces Launch of a 5G Smartphone in 2019
5G Smartphone: Samsung announces Launch of a 5G Smartphone in 2019

How Samsung became the World’s Largest Advertiser

Samsung increased its advertising budget by 13% and that’s how they became the world’s largest advertiser. Many speculate that the increased spending occurred when they tried to rectify the highly publicized 2016 exploding batteries from their Galaxy Note 7 phone. The increase also coincides with Samsung’s new mission to reposition itself as an aspirational consumer electronics brand.

Samsung’s new ranking as the World’s largest advertiser comes from Ad Age datacenter’s all-in assessment of reported total spending on advertising, marketing services (including promotion and direct marketing) and digital marketing report.

About Adage’s 2017 Report

According to Adage’s report, P&G came in second, they cut their advertising budget by $ 200 million. They cut the budget because they realized that the ads weren’t effective. The cut didn’t extend to P&G’s wider media spending, they focused on TV, radio, and e-commerce and audio spend. Technically P&G still remains the world’s largest spender on overall advertising. Reports state that they spend $7.1 billion in advertising costs in the year ended June 2018 while Samsung only spent $4.8billion

Out of the 100 largest world advertisers, it was reported that there was a 4.9% increase in advertising spending. Alibaba Group doubled their spending from the last year, which made them the fastest growing company. The Adage fastest growing advertising spenders was dominated by internet-centric marketers like Google, Amazon and Netflix.  Amazon rose from the No. 11 spot to the No 7 spot.  In the Adage world’s largest advertisers report personal care and household products was the biggest categories with 14 marketers spending $52 billion. The second largest category was automakers with 16 marketers spending $47 billion.


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