Ryan Reynolds Sneaks an Aviation Gin Ad into a Movie Ad Inside a Samsung Ad


Ryan Reynolds is a great actor, marketer and it would seem a great multitasker also. The actor who has such a creative and unique approach to advertising has knocked it out of the park with his latest ad. In this ad, Ryan Reynolds attempts to sell three completely unrelated things in a 30-second spot. He does a good job and uses his usual wit and humour to sell the three things. In the ad for his new movie on Netflix, he manages to sell a Samsung TV and his Aviation Gin.

About the Ryan Reynold Three in One Spot

In the ad starring Ryan Reynolds, we see him talk about his upcoming Netflix film, the Michael Bay-directed 6 Underground. He smoothly transitions to plugging Samsung QLED televisions, which seems like a pretty natural tie-in for a movie that’s bypassing the cinema and going right to streaming. But right in the middle of the second ad, the gifted actor decides to pack in another ad for his Aviation Gin.  His novel idea leaves its viewers and even the director stunned. She goes over to question his choice of adding an ad for his Aviation Gin into an ad for a movie and a Samsung QLED television. Ryan Reynolds explains he “bought midroll ad placement.”

This ad is Aviation Gin’s first spot to air on National TV.


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