Rolling Stone and Y&R Brazil Make ‘Soundproof Posters’ for Rockers


Even though pop is almost the only thing on the radio these days, rock and roll is not dead. Rock and roll still has a big fan base and there are a lot of aspiring rock and roll rockers. It seems like Rolling Stone is aware of this fact, seeing as they partnered with Y&R Brazil to help the budding rockers get some privacy while the hone their talents in Brazil.

Rolling Stone and Y&R Brazil Make ‘Soundproof Posters’ for Rockers

 About Rolling Stone and Y& R Soundproof Posters for Rockers

Rolling stone Brazil and Y&R Brazil partnered up to create a series of Soundproof posters for budding rockers. These posters serve two purposes, they soundproof practice spaces and they are really cool looking. As we know two things happen when teenagers decide to start a rock band, they annoy their family and neighbours with the noise and they hang rock band posters on the wall. Seeing the trend Rolling Stone and Y&R Brazil decided to create a solution.

They created an inspired series of four posters that have soundproof qualities. The soundproof posters are entirely made of acoustic foam, coated with fireproof resin and fibreglass. The soundproof posters were crafted by Focus Cinematography. Focus Cinematography used a new production technique developed specifically for the project. Rolling Stone’s posters feature four top guitar legends of past and present. The legends are Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Zakk Wylde and Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro.

Video of Rolling Stone Brasil SoundProof Posters

About the Campaign to Promote the Soundproof Posters

As we know Rolling Stone Brazil has recently been gradually migrating from print magazine only to a digital content hub. They have been expanding their scope and growing their audience. To further grow their audience while driving engagements the brand gave the guitarist the opportunity to win these posters.

They encouraged their followers to post their best riffs using the hashtag #SoundproofPoster on Instagram. The best ones won a set of four posters each. The campaign spread organically, with people tagging friends that play the guitar.


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