Ralph Lauren Consolidates Global Media Account with 4 Agencies


Adweek recently reported that Ralph Lauren has decided to consolidate its global media account with 4 different Agencies. The agencies include Zenith, PMG, Forward3D and Denstu. Before Ralph Lauren appointed these 4 agencies, the employed 12 agencies. These agencies were primarily local vendors while they had in-house support.

Adweek recently reported that Ralph Lauren has decided to consolidate its global media account with 4 different Agencies.

How the 4 Agencies will Handle the Account

According to Adweek, Ralph Lauren named Publicis’ Zenith the agency of record global strategy and buying. Zenith was given most of Ralph Lauren’s business. They will lead the strategy and buying duties across North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Zenith will work with 3 local agencies for the execution. They will partner with PMG in the North American region. For the EMEA they will partner with Forward 3D and for Japan and South Korea, they will partner with Dentsu.

 Why Ralph Lauren Appointed the 4 Agencies

According to reports, the appointment is in line with the brand’s Next Great Chapter plan. The plan comprises of five strategic priorities which include:

  1. Winning over a new generation of consumers
  2. Energising core products and accelerating underdeveloped categories
  3. Driving targeted expansion in regions and channels
  4. Leading with digital across all activities
  5. Operating with the discipline to fuel growth.

In the announcement made by Ralph Lauren, they stated that they plan to increase its marketing spend by 10 per cent. Their increase in marketing spend will focus mostly on digital channels. They explained that their decision to focus on digital channels and to consolidate the account with four agencies reflects their commitment to driving efficiency and leverage scale across the business as it delivers for consumers across the channels that matter most to them. The clothing brand also stated that they will continue to shift their spend to channels that matter most to consumers.

According to Ralph Lauren, they plan to look into four specific ways to target the new generation. They plan to be where the consumer group is consuming media, which is digital and social and is shifting its focus to digital commerce.  They also plan to build a team of influencers that can represent all the dimensions of the Ralph Lauren brand. The influencers will also “connect nicely” in the local markets with the target audience that it is pursuing. Also, they plan to continue to roll out Limited Edition products.


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