Publicis to Merge Media Agency Networks Spark Foundry and Blue 449


Publicis recently announced that it will be merging two media agencies in its network. They announced that it will be merging Blue 449 and Spark Foundry into one single entity. This recent announcement follows a series of ongoing restructuring and consolidation moves the holding company has been making recently. The ongoing restructuring and consolidation moves are part of Publicis’s plan to simplify the holding company. According to the holding company’s CEO Arthur Sadoun, they want to ensure that there’s less structure and part of this process will involve bringing some agencies under one roof. Blue 449 and Spark Foundry are one of such agencies.

Publicis to Merge Media Agency Networks Spark Foundry and Blue 449

About Spark Foundry

Spark Foundry was established in 2017 and is an advertising agency that is relating to media selection services. Its headquarters is in New York City with offices also in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Spark Foundry is part of Publicis Media agency networks. Some of their core competencies include Media planning, media buying, research, data analytics, digital media and communications planning. Spark Foundry’s notable clients include KFC, Audible and Southwest Airlines.

About Blue 449

Blue 499 is an open source media agency, it is part of the Publicis Media agency networks.  They operate in over 13 markets and their headquarters is located in London. It was founded in 1977, Blue 449 was formerly known as Walker Media Limited. As a result of the acquisition of Walker Media Limited by Walker Media Holdings Limited, Walker Media Limited’s name was changed. Some of their notable clients include BASF, Ralph Lauren and Puma.

About the Spark Foundry and Blue 499 Merger

Following the merger, the combined global company will run under the Spark Foundry brand except in some markets. In these markets, Blue 499 agency will retain its name and operate as a domestic agency. The markets include France, US and UK, in these markets Blue 499 will work co-operate closely with Spark Foundry. According to Publicis Blue 499, will service domestic clients especially in the aforementioned markets while Spark Foundry will focus on global clients.

The new leadership of the newly formed Spark Foundry will see it being led globally by Chris Boothe. Chris Boothe was elevated from Chief executive of Spark Foundry US to global brand president last year.  In the markets where Blue 449 will be operating domestically, it will retain its individual chief executives. For the UK, that will be Simon Davis, in the US it will be David Ehlers and in France, it will be Pascal Cirfo. Simon will operate across both brand moving forward, he will lead practices including investment, performance, data sciences and content, offering a clear structural point of difference.

Chris Boothe, the Global Chief Executive of Spark Foundry Speaks on the Merger

Boothe spoke about how excited they are to expand their extraordinary talent and capabilities across the world. He spoke about how thrilled he is to be welcoming Blue 499’s talent and clients to their family. He expressed his confidence that their clients will benefit from continuing to work with them.


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