Pornhub is Using an Adult Film to Help Clean Up the Oceans


Pornhub is using the power of XX- rated content to help save the ocean. The x-rated streaming site is using an adult film it created to help clean up the oceans. This won’t be the first time the site is using its special films for a good cause. Earlier this year, Pornhub tried to save the bees by putting its adult videos to work. Now the site working on saving the oceans with a new campaign.

Pornhub is Using an Adult Film to Help Clean Up the Oceans

Pornhub is Using an Adult Film to Help Clean Up the Oceans

Pornhub’s campaign for the ocean is called “The Dirtiest Porn Ever.” For the campaign, the site worked with its most popular amateur couple. The couple who is known as Leolulu got it on at one of the most polluted beaches in the world. In the ad, we see them sporting a thong and a pair of Pornhub’s “bonerless” bathing suits.  We see Leolulu pick their way around some of the 12.7 million tons of discarded plastic that fills the oceans and washes up on beaches.

We see them flirt and caress each other before stripping down, but the action is carefully blocked by plastic waste. The action is blocked because it is a safe-for-work promo video. The couple continues the shoot on a Caribbean beach, oblivious to the Pornhub sanitation crew slowly cleaning up around them.

More on Pornhub’s Campaign for the Ocean

The campaign was created by the creative agency Office & Gentleman. For viewers who have seen the promo and wish to see the full and uncensored version, they can go to the microsite created for the campaign. But before they can view the video, they will be treated to information about ocean pollution and advice for preventing it. The site has also vowed to make a donation to Ocean Polymers for each view the uncensored version receives. Ocean Polymers is a non-profit working to clean up plastic waste.


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