Point North Group Data Reveals that the Instagram Purge Had Little Effect


A few months ago Instagram revealed it will be doing a purge, to remove all fake likes and followers from third-party apps. Instagram launched a detailed plan that would help remove the likes from these Instagram accounts to prevent influencer fraud. They planned to use AI to achieve this plan. According to the social measurement company Points North Group the Instagram purge had little effect on the social media platforms worst offenders.

Instagram Plans to Remove Fake Likes and Comments

About the Points North Group Data

According to the Points North Group Data, the accounts which had a majority of the inauthentic audience weren’t significantly affected by the Instagram purge. For the study, Points North group used its own tech to gather data on 500 influencers who showed signs of having fake followers and engagement. Their study revealed that Instagram Purge had little to no impact on their audience figures. According to Points North Group, the offenders had combined growth of 1% in the month of December against a median decline of 1%. It also revealed that only 2% of influencers in their study experienced a decline in their follower list beyond 5%.

The study also revealed that the inauthentic engagements held steady since Instagram announced the Instagram purge. It also showed that there was a median decline in engagements per post of less than 1%. In the study, only half of the influencers in the study experienced a drop in engagements per post. The other half experienced an increase in engagements per post.

What Points North Group Has to Say about the Study

Based on their study, they concluded that Instagram purge hasn’t been impactful so far. They expected that the Instagram purge will be very comprehensive and would have resulted in double-digit percentage drops. According to the Chief Executive of Points North Sean Spielberg, the third- party apps and companies who sell these inauthentic engagements have found ways around the Instagram checks. He asked brands who partner with Instagram Influencers to be cautious to avoid influencer fraud.

Instagram is yet to release a statement about the Points North Group data study. It is important to note that the Instagram purge is still in the early stages and they mentioned that the measures will be ongoing.


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