Plus Acuity Earns Recognition as Young Media Agency of the Year


Plus Acuity, a specialized media independent agency in Nigeria recently won the ‘Outstanding Young Media Agency of the Year 2019’award. They were given the award at the recent Marketing Edge summit which held in Lagos recently. The creative agency was given the award for its professional excellence.

Plus Acuity Earns Recognition as Young Media Agency of the Year

About Plus Acuity

Plus Acuity is a creative media agency offering creative media solutions. Their major services include developing media strategies, media buying and planning services. Plus Acuity started operations three years. They use global expertise, local insights, media planning tools and data to develop effective and efficient media solutions for brands.

Even though the company started the operations only three years ago, they have been able to demonstrate unique services that allow them to stand out. They offer their clients great value, driven by modern technology and data in its array of services. It’s no surprise that the firm snagged the ‘Outstanding Young Media Agency of the Year 2019’award.

Plus Acuity Talks about Earning Recognition as Young Media Agency of the Year

The General Manager of Plus Acuity, Mr. Abiodun Atunwa accepted the award and gave the acceptance speech. He talked about how the agency is dedicated to offering its clients exceptional value to drive their goals. Atunwa also talked about how the agency knew that they were coming into the fray as a new contender amongst established firms and always wanted to be different. He stated that their investments in the latest audience research tools, high professional dealings with clients and media partners, trained and talented team and vast knowledge of the media landscape facilitated the winning of the award.

Atunwa thanked the employees of Plus Acuity calling them the most valuable assets of the company. He also talked about the future of the agency. He explained that despite the challenges the Nigerian Economy is facing, there are inherent opportunities waiting to be tapped. According to him, Plus Acuity is well-positioned to take the centre stage in the media space. He talked about how Tech will drive the future and how they will continue to invest immensely in the acquisition of research tools and data to sustain their competitive edge.


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