PlayStation Characters Come to Play in the Real World


PlayStation recently released a new spot to promote the game. In the spot we see some of PlayStation’s characters come to play in the real world. For some time now PlayStation has been focusing on showing how its wide range of characters can break up the monotony of mundane situations. With its, latest spot, PlayStation still focuses on the general theme but they amplify the messaging to make a colourful, fun and action-packed spot.

PlayStation Characters Come to Play in the Real World

PlayStation Characters Come to Play in the Real World

The game makers latest spot is called ‘It’s Time to Play’ and it was created by creative agency Adam&EveDDB’s. With this spot, they stick with their general message which is how their characters can bring life to mundane situations. But instead of following traditional gaming ad norms where the players are put into the gaming world, Playstation takes a new approach. They bring some PlayStation characters into the real world to play and wreak some serious havoc.

We see popular PlayStation characters like Monster Hunter World’s Palico, Crash Bandicoot, the Fortnite Battle Bus, Fifa 20 stars, Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud and God of War’s Kratos wreak serious havoc in the real world. Many of the characters featured are PS4 exclusives, differentiating the work from rivals Nintendo and Xbox.


PlayStation Speaks on the Spot

Mary Yee, vice president of global marketing, Sony Interactive Entertainment spoke about the brand’s latest spot. She talked about how PlayStation is a global brand that resonates with audiences far and wide. Yee stated that the brand is passionate about the joy fans feel from immersing themselves in these incredible stories that are brought to life through their games. She explained that their ‘It’s Time to Play’ campaign is an invitation to all gamers, from some of their most beloved gaming IP, to join the world of PlayStation and experience the extraordinary power of play.


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