Planet Fitness Taps Barkley as Lead Creative Agency


Planet Fitness recently announced that Barkley the Kansas City-based creative agency will be the fitness brand’s new creative agency. Barkley will be the lead creative agency for the fitness brand’s whole franchise. The whole franchise includes over 1,500 fitness centres and over 12.2 million members. Before Barkley, Hill Holliday an IPG-owned agency handled Planet Fitness’s creative account. They handled the fitness brand’s creative account since 2016. According to Ad Week, the decision to part ways was a mutual decision between the two parties seeing as Hill Holliday didn’t pitch during the review.

Planet Fitness Taps Barkley as Lead Creative Agency

 About Barkley

Barkley is a Kanas City-based advertising agency, it was founded in 1964 and was formerly known as Barkley Evergreen &Partners. It is the largest independent advertising agency in Kanas and the 7th largest in the United States. They have over 400 employees and acquired Ripple Effects Interactive in 2008.  Their capabilities include Strategy, Creative, Design, Performance Analytics, Engagement, PR, Digital Development, Data Innovation, Strategy, and Millennial Consulting. Some of Barkley’s notable clients include Anheuser-Busch, Applebee’s, Amazon, Sony Playstation and Dairy Queen.

All About Barkley’s New Role at Planet Fitness

Barkley will be helping the Planet Fitness build and strengthen its brand across creative, strategy, media planning and buying, experience and design. They will be helping Planet Fitness cement its position as the largest and most accessible high-value, low-cost fitness option in the market. They will also be helping Planet Fitness reach the current 80 per cent of U.S population who are without a gym membership. Barkley’s main focus is to increase the fitness group’s brand awareness, grow its membership and expand its footprint both domestically and internationally.

Planet Fitness and Barkley Speak on their Partnership

Chief growth officer of Barkley Jason Parks spoke about their new role as the fitness brand’s new creative lead agency. He stated that the agency is very excited to be working with the fitness brand. He sang Planet Fitness’s praises calling it a purpose-led brand which has a distinctive point of view and a different approach to health and wellness.

Roger Chacko the chief commercial officer at Planet Fitness also spoke about the new partnership. He talked about how Barkley will play a key role in elevating their marketing effort. Chacko talked about how Barkley will be helping the fitness brand hone its differentiated brand positioning. He also sang the agency’s praises saying that they have an impressive breadth of experience. He also talked about how they have executed some creative and business building campaigns. Chacko ended his statement by talking about how his brand is looking forward to working with Barkley to reach new consumers and further engage their existing members.


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