Pinterest Launches ‘Emotional Well-Being Activities’ for Stressed Internet Users


Pinterest wants to ensure that the time spent online is spent more positively. They want to encourage emotional and mental wellness with a new feature that was added to its platform. They recently announced that they will be including “emotional well-being activities” for users to perform when they search for negative content.

Pinterest Launches 'Emotional Well-Being Activities' for Stressed Internet Users

Pinterest Launches ‘Emotional Well-Being Activities’ for Stressed Internet Users

The platform made the announcement through its official page on Instagram. In the post, they stated that they will be rolling out a collection of emotional well-being activities right on their app. The emotional well-being activities will include activities from deep breathing to self-compassion exercises. According to the platform they came to the decision to launch the activities after they noticed an increase in searches related to anxiety and stress. By releasing these activities Pinterest is hoping to find new, interactive ways to help improve internet user’s moods.

How Pinterest’s ‘Emotional Well-Being Activities’ for Stressed Internet Users will Work

According to the platform, users will see a prompt to explore these emotional well-being activities when they search for things like ‘stress quotes’, ‘work anxiety’ or other terms that indicate they might be feeling down or are stressed out. The pop-up prompts will pop-up on the screen in calm, pastel-coloured cards. The activities will include deep breathing exercises and practices for gratitude and self-love.

According to the platform, the user’s interactions with the activities are private and not connected to their account. What this means is that they won’t show recommendations or ads based on the use of the activities. For now, the platform announced that they will only be rolling out the feature on iOS and Android in the US currently. Pinterest plans to bring the emotional well-being activities experience to all pinners in the future.

The platform plans to feature more content like the emotional well-being activities in order to create “a more compassionate, actionable experience”.


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