P&G Unveils Ramadan Campaign about Indonesian Elections


P&G  Indonesia recently launched a Ramadan campaign called #AkuPilihMaafIbu. The campaign is centred around Indonesian elections. It aims to bring to life the essence of Ramadan: forgiveness and starting afresh.  The campaign tries to encourage people to accept other people choices using the Indonesian elections to drive home the point

P&G Unveils Ramadan Campaign about Indonesian Elections

About P&G Ramadan Campaign #AkuPilihMaaflbu and Its Ties to The Indonesian Elections

The campaign was created by Grey Indonesia with the aim to foster peace during the Indonesian Elections which just recently took place and would produce a winner by 22nd of May. The campaign focuses on accepting other people choices. The Indonesian elections have caused a lot of people to make choices and take sides. The recent elections cause party lines to be drawn between families and friends.

P&G wants to use Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for Muslims around the world to advocate for peace and forgiveness. They recognised the possible tension that will exist between relationships after the election where Indonesians take sides. To help drive home the point of the campaign, the brand released a short film which is also called #AkuPilihMaaflbu. #AkuPilihMaafIbu means “I elect mother’s forgiveness.”

About the #AkuPilihMaafIbu Short Film

The FMCG brand uses, the holy month of fasting for Muslims around the world to advocate for forgiveness and peace. The Ramadan culminates in the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr (Hari Raya). Hari Raya is when the period of restraint ends in an extravagant time of joie de vivre, festivities and feasting. The film shows the highest point of tension comes when a mother is faced with a daughter, whose views are the opposite of her own. The mother feels as though her daughter is rejecting everything, she has worked so hard to teach. The tension is finally resolved at the end when the daughter asks for her mother’s forgiveness during Eid recitations.

Video of P&G #AkuPilihMaafIbu


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