P&G Commits to 100% Women-Made Music in Ads for its Secret Deodorant Brand


Procter & Gamble, a brand which is known for advocating for gender equality has recently taken a very audible stand for gender equality. The FMCG brand has taken a stand for gender equality by committing itself to the use of ‘100% women-made’ music in future campaigns from 2020 for its Secret deodorant brand. From 2020, Secret deodorant will only feature 100% women-made music on all its campaigns.

&G Commits to 100% Women-Made Music in Ads for its Secret Deodorant Brand

 About P&G Commitment to 100% Women-Made Music

P&G’s Secret deodorant brand will only be featuring 100% women-made music in all its campaign. As a result of this pledge, they have started a new initiative. The initiative will see the brand searching for 250 aspiring female singers, songwriters and producers. With the initiative, the brand is trying to redress an imbalance where women make up just 17% of artists, 12% of songwriters and 2% of producers. They will be working with Women in Music to help achieve their goal to redress the stats. The Women in Music team will mentor the chosen 250 to give each the best possible start in their chosen careers.

Aspiring artists wishing to put themselves forward for the programme must either produce their own take on Secret’s ‘All Strength, No Sweat’ brand anthem or share their own stories and career goals through their Instagram account. This won’t be the first time the Secret deodorant brand will be using music for gender equality. They have used it in the past music to narrow the gender pay gap with ‘I’d Rather Get Paid’

Secrets Deodorant Brand Speaks on the Campaign

Sara Saunders, associate brand director at Secret spoke about the stance they are taking. She talked about how being a brand for women, they consistently strive to elevate other women in all they do. Saunders explained that producing music for their campaigns have been a struggle to do so. She attributed it to the fact that women are so significantly underrepresented in the music industry.

According to Saunders, the stance and initiative is their way of changing. She stated that they have heard from women that there’s one thing that can make all the difference in their careers, and that’s access to other women in the industry. Hence, the initiative where other women can mentor them.


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