Pepsico Creates Mountain Dew for Gamers


There has been a worldwide decline in the consumption of soda drinks, especially cola. In an effort to battle this decline in cola consumption, PepsiCo has started to pursue other revenue sources. They recently discovered a new niche which is gamers. The brand recently created and started to sell Mountain Dew for gamers.

Pepsico Creates Mountain Dew for Gamers

About Mountain Dew for Gamers

Pepsico’s Mountain Dew for Gamer is a caffeine-boosted “game fuel” drink. The Mountain Dew for gamer’s drink is marketed at video-game enthusiasts competing in tournaments. According to sources, the drink is selling fast and well. It is selling so well that it can’t keep its re-sealable cap in stock. The introduction of Mountain Dew for gamers comes as PepsiCo tries to revitalize the Mountain Dew Brand. They are doing this by pushing it as an energy drink or alternative to energy drinks.

According to the brands Chief Executive Officer Ramon Laguarta, they plan to use Mountain Dew to go after the energy drink market. The brand is trying to move Dew into the energy category in small steps.

Pepsico’s Other Efforts to Battle Fall in Consumption in Cola Drinks

To battle the general decline in soda consumption and cola consumption, Pepsico is pushing other products.  They are currently getting a boost from its water business and its “pH balanced “Lifewtr and its LaCroix competitor Bubly.  Those PepsiCo brands helped the brand mitigate a slide in sales of Gatorade, which has also struggled as consumers turn away from sugar.


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