Pepsi Summergram: Pepsi Partners with Instagram for a Heavy Summer Campaign


Pepsi is partnering with Instagram for a very heavy summer campaign. The campaign which is titled Pepsi Summergram will see the soda brand partner with Instagram, Chrissy Teigen and Dj Khaled. The Pepsi Summergram campaign is the brand’s attempt to make a sales comeback. The campaign will involve 25 TV ads and Instagram would be deeply incorporated in the campaign.

Pepsi Summergram: Pepsi Partners with Instagram for a Heavy Summer Camp

About the Pepsi Summergram Campaign

The Pepsi Summergram campaign will see the brand put special graphics and QR codes on more than 200 million bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero Sugar.  When the codes are scanned with a smartphone camera, it launches an Instagram Story. In the Instagram Story Pepsi-branded augmented reality filters can be placed.  These filters are custom designed filters for the brand just like Snapchat’s custom filters.  For instance, one filter shows an inflatable flamingo raft emblazoned with the Pepsi logo near the text, “always pool ready.”

Pepsi Summergram: Pepsi Partners with Instagram for a Heavy Summer Camp

Usually, brands partner with Snapchat for custom filters, but recently Instagram launched collaborations with marketers. Pepsi is one of the first brands to be partnering with the social media platform. Apart from Instagram, Pepsi is collaborating with Chrissy Teigen and DJ Khaled for the Pepsi Summergram campaign. The two stars are to promote the campaign to their followers on social media. They will also appear at an event in Manhattan.

More Details about the Pepsi Summergram Campaign

Pepsi’s summer campaign will also include 25 15-second TV spots that showcase the AR effects. There will also be more than 2,300 custom out-of-home billboards nationwide. Pepsi will also be hosting events in Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami. Some of the creative agencies working on this campaign include Motive for creative, VaynerMedia for digital and Acceleration for PR and experiential. This campaign comes as the brand continues to raise its marketing spending, as they try to reverse a sales slumps.

The brands VP Marketing Todd Kaplan spoke about the new summer campaign. He expressed the brand excitement to be working with Instagram. He stated that he is excited to bring Instagrams newest, breakthrough technology directly to their most loyal consumers.


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