Pepsi is Okay Review


Welcome to Sekere’s first Podcast, On this first episode the Sekere Team and our hosts will be sharing their opinions on the Pepsi is Okay ad.

Below is a transcript of the podcast

Christiana: Hello welcome to Sekere news first ever podcast my name is Christiana and I’m from Sekere news. I’ll be your host today and with me here are my 3 guest hosts Imoh, Tolu and Semira.

Christiana: Imoh is the head of communications at an advertising agency, Semira is a content developer at a communications firm while Tolu is a client relations officer at an advertising agency. Today will be reviewing Pepsi Okay Ad.

Christiana: The Pepsi Okay Ad is Pepsi’s official advert for the Super Bowl.  It stars Steve Carell, Young John and Cardi B.

Christiana: In the ad, Steve Carell, Cardi B and Young John make a case for why Pepsi is more than ok.  If you haven’t seen the ad then, Please visit Sekere, search for Pepsi is Okay review to watch the ad…to watch the full ad.

Christiana: So let’s hear from our guest hosts to see what they think about the ad…Semira

Semira: Thank you very much for having me on the show.  First of all, I will like to say it is a step up for Pepsi in comparison to the last ad with Kendall Jenner, the controversial ad. They were trying to do so much in that ad and then, they ended up sending a message that was not authentic.

Semira: So for this ad, I felt that it was very straight to the point, the messaging was very concise and it resonated with a lot of people. You know when you want to get something and you are trying to place an order for something and obviously the thing… The common thing to say is… Is that Okay? Is that what you will like to have? And then the message was trying to say that Pepsi is more than just ok.

Semira: And yes obviously the use of celebrities for the ad was very on point. Strong messaging, very concise, straight to the point and overall was a good ad.

Christiana: Alright, Imoh what do you think about it?

Imoh: Hi… Good afternoon, thanks for having me on your show. I feel the ad had a strong message and they put out their brand voice in terms of communication, the message was direct.

Imoh: They did what they could to reaffirm the message in the minds of their audience also we can’t ignore the subtle jab at Coca Cola and the ad had a strong vibe which can spread easily among everyone. It’s something you want to share among your friends, so it’s an ad that will move easily around our culture and would stick with you

Christiana: Alright, Tolu what do you think?

Tolu: Thanks Christiana for having me on the show.

Christiana: You are welcome.

Tolu: I think just like my fellow people have said, I think the ad is great, I think it is concise just like Semira said. I think it’s a new one, it is a different one from Pepsi but I would also say that I don’t agree with the part where they threw shade at Coca Cola.  Though it wasn’t mentioned fully Coca Cola… Coke, but we all know the brand that we can resonate with that bears Coke is Coca Cola.

Tolu: But Asides that… Awesome… I am a big fan of Cardi B, so yeah… it is a great one

Christiana: Okay…Personally, I like the ad, I like the use of celebrity endorsements, I felt that they used it very well. They used the… I don’t think anybody has ever thought about using Cardi B’s iconic Okurr in such a positive and creative way.

Christiana: It was very entertaining, I like the messaging, as Semira said the messaging was very concise. It was clear and it was a great ad all in all, very memorable. I feel like everybody, it had everybody talking on social media. Everyone was talking about it, it was funny, it was witty, it had everything a good ad should have.

Christiana: So I think we should rate the ad, on a scale of 1 to 10. What do you think….What rating will you give it?

Christiana: Tolu

Tolu: I will rate it 7

Christiana: Okay Imoh

Imoh: I will give it an 8

Christiana: Okay Semira

Semira: I think a 6, simply because I felt like they could have done more with the use of celebrity endorsement and because it was centred a lot on Cardi B, I felt like people that are not… Although she is like brand ambassador, so it kind of made sense to use her

Semira: But if I am not a huge fan of Cardi B, I would definitely be a little bit biased about the ad and would definitely not want to patronize the brand just because Cardi B was the centre of the advertisement. So they could have used more celebrities and not let it be centred on that character… So yeah… that’s it.

Christiana: Okay… I would give it a 7

Christiana: Back to the ad, I think the reason why Cardi B seems to be the centre of the ad is because Cardi is the most relevant person when it comes to pop culture currently. You have Steve Carell whose Office days are over, you can’t really state a movie he just did presently. Young John… which song has he sang recently but Cardi B is the most popular person currently. So that’s why she is most likely the centre.

Semira: Okay… I understand that but as I was saying, for people who are not exactly huge fans of Cardi B, they would not necessarily be very excited about the ad. I am not a huge fan of Cardi B, I’ll be honest… I mean I liked the ad it was very catchy but that’s not going to change my decision to want to try the brand just because she’s the face of the ad. So yeah, it won’t influence my decision based on that… That’s my opinion anyway.

Christiana: Okay… So we will like to hear from our listeners to find out what they think about our review and what they think about the ad, so leave a comment below. Thank you very much for listening.


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