People are Unhappy with Burger King’s Real Meal Campaign


Burger King recently launched a new campaign called the Real Meal campaign. It was launched in honour of Mental Health Awareness month. For the campaign, Burger King partnered with Mental Health America and also made a donation to the organization. Not everyone is a fan of the fast food restaurant latest campaign with many expressing their distaste for the campaign.

Burger King’s Real Meal Campaign: Burger King Knows You Can’t Happy All the Time and Lets You Pick Meals That Go with Your Mood

About Burger King’s Real Meal Campaign

The Real Meal campaign encouraged people to feel the way to feel by allowing them by Whoppers packaged in boxes which matched their mood. It featured 5 meals, are  Pissed Meal (for when you’re mad), Salty Meal (for when you’re a little bitter), YAAAS Meal (for when you literally can’t contain your excitement), Blue Meal (for when you’re sad),) and DGAF Meal (for when you really couldn’t care less about anything).  Burger King also used the campaign to take a jab at McDonald’s happy meal. Videos were also released to support the launch of the campaign and to better drive home to point of the campaign.

People are Unhappy with Burger King’s Real Meal Campaign

A lot of people have shared their displeasure with the fast food restaurant’s latest campaign. Many saying the campaign is very opportunistic and exploitive. A lot of online users thought that the campaign was more about selling burgers than raising awareness for mental awareness. With people saying the campaign is more of a marketing tactic than a program about raising awareness for mental health or addressing mental health. Critics of the campaign accused the Brand of being hypocrites since they don’t prioritize the mental health of their employees.  Though the campaign has received a lot of backlash, it has also received some praises from fans of the brands.


Burger King Responds to Backlash Surrounding Its Campaign

The fast-food brand’s CMO Fernando Machado spoke about the campaign and some of the negative feedback they have been getting. He stated that the main point of the campaign wasn’t to sell burgers and make money. But to raise awareness of the fact that it is okay to express your emotions and that you don’t need to be happy all the time. Machado also stated that the fact that people are talking about the campaign shows it is accomplishing its objective. He stated that the reaction from the brand’s fans has been overwhelmingly positive.


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