Panadol Toughies: Panadol Launches New Campaign to Celebrate Selfless Consumers


Panadol recently announced that it will be launching a new campaign called Panadol Toughies. It is unclear if the campaign was created by the brand’s in-house marketing team or with a creative agency. But all signs point to the campaign being created by the brand’s in-house marketing team. Panadol Toughies campaign was created to celebrate consumers who are selfless. It celebrates resilient consumers who always stand out in the face of challenges.

Panadol Toughies: Panadol Launches New Campaign to Celebrate Selfless Consumers

About the Panadol Toughies Campaign

The pharmaceutical brand is said to launch the Panadol Toughies campaign all over Nigeria. It is unclear when the campaign will commence and for how long the campaign will run.  With the campaign, the GSK-owned brand is trying to identify and celebrate individuals who are always determined to help others despite the challenges they may face.

The brand is employing its consumers to submit stories of individuals who have fearlessly faced challenges. For consumers to participate in the Panadol Toughies Campaign, the brand has asked that they follow @Panadolnigeria on Facebook and Instagram. They should then share their compelling stories of individuals who fit the criteria. After they have shared their inspiring stories, they should then tag their followers to do the same with the hashtag #PanadolToughies.

Panadol Speaks on the Panadol Toughies Campaign

The brands head of marketing consumer healthcare Nigeria Shehryar Rao spoke about the campaign to explain the rationale behind the campaign. He talked about how the campaign falls in line with the brand’s proposition to champion hope over pains. With the campaign, the brand is celebrating amazing individuals who go the extra mile for others. These people never bother about the pain, they just focus on making others happy. Rao described these amazing set of people who will go all out just for the happiness and wellbeing of others as selfless people and said that the exhibit a lot of strength.

Rao also talked about how these individuals go unappreciated because it is easier to take such gestures for granted. But this campaign is a chance for these people to be celebrated and recognized for their selflessness and strength.


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