Pampers Smart Diaper: Pampers to Launch Lumi a Smart Diaper which Monitors Pee Status


For centuries, determining if your baby has soiled his or her diaper has been like guesswork. They are numerous ways to find out, some of them included performing a sniff test, weighing the baby on one arm or the most stressful way, opening up the diaper to see. Well, Pampers wants to take away the guesswork and tedious tests with its new smart diapers. Pampers Smart Diaper which is called Lumi was created to take out the guesswork.

Pampers Smart Diaper: Pampers to Launch Lumi a Smart Diaper which Monitors Pee Status

About Pampers Smart Diaper, Lumi

Pampers Smart Diaper, Lumi was developed in concert with Verily, a Google company.  They are calling Lumi the “the world’s first all-in-one connected care system.” The Pampers Smart Diaper makes the diaper changing process easier. It does this by alerting parents when it’s time to switch to a new one. It comes with a baby monitor, an app and a supply of diapers that work with a special activity sensor.

Apart from letting parents know when their baby’s diaper is soiled it also monitors their sleep and wake time. It monitors room temperature, information about bottles and bathroom breaks. Lumi gives parents a wider perspective on their child’s habits which will help them better care for them. The diaper is expected to be released in the fall and will be compatible with children up to 1-year-old.


How Lumi Works

Lumi’s system consists of a diaper with a moisture strip, two reusable activity sensors, and a linked camera. The camera is used to monitor a baby’s sleeping patterns. The sensor is egg-shaped and is attached to the outside of the diaper and monitors the strip for wetness. When the baby soils its diaper, the sensor sends a notification to the Lumi app. With the app, parents can decide to change the diaper or urge someone else to do it.

The sensors, camera, and app are part of the start-up package. Users will also need to purchase Lumi-optimized Swaddler diapers, which come with a more pronounced moisture strip so the sensor can properly assess soiling.

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